Heh… so funny story…

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I was giving away my 258 page eBook for free without knowing it, until an amazing reader (thanks Georgia) let me in on the secret! So I laughed (to hide my embarrassment) and thought, well... let’s keep it going! So, for the month of January - sign up for the eBook and well there’s more….

Learn 200 tips to cultivate your best life with elegance and poise. And actually how to impliment it in your daily life.


[For those amazing women who bought it - scroll to the bottom :) ]

Since 2020 was, well… let’s just say it could have been better… however, it’s always good practice to think positive.

For the last month, I was giving away my 258 page eBook for FREE but it was an accident!

I forgot to click a tiny button to make sure people pay for it! 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Isn’t that just the most perfect way to end 2020, no?

So to celebrate the new year - I decided let’s keep the good going and I am giving away the same eBook for FREE - but doing it on purpose!

That’s right, simply add your email address and you will get the $18.00 eBook 200 Ways of an Elegant Woman for FREE!